Luvak Laboratories was founded in 1970 as a small independent materials testing laboratory in Boylston, Massachusetts. Our founder, Leo Ollila, shared his extensive metallurgy expertise with his employees and customers. Leo specialized in hydrogen testing, having perfected the vacuum hot extraction method on the NRC Model 917. This machine is known for its high-precision testing and its ability to work with very small sample sizes. 

Today, owners David Wood, Tony Vorlicek and their staff continue the Luvak tradition of innovative, reliable and accurate materials testing analysis. In addtion to hydrogen testing, Luvak also specializes in oxygen and nitrogen analysis, carbon and sulfur analysis, metal analysis, anion analysis and wet chemistry techniques. Our dedicated and experienced team works with a wide range of analytical services on metals, polymers, powders, ceramics, process solutions and coatings, and is ready to work with you to insure that your materials are verified and tested to your quality standards.

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