Chemical Methods

Luvak employs classical chemical methods to verify material content using the following analytical methods:

Gravimetric techniques

Luvak Inc. employs ASTM based techniques for gravimetric determination of ash, graphitic carbon, moisture and volatile components of graphitic products. Loss on ignition (LOI) is available for ceramics and related materials. Chloride, lanthanum, silicon, silver, sulfur, thoria and tin may be determined by gravimetric means in various products.

Colorimetric/Photometric techniques

Phosphorous is routinely determined in nickel plating and alloys. nitrogen-nitrate is determined via colorimetric methods in aqueous leachates and other solutions.

Kjeldahl techniques

Total nitrogen in resins and nitrogen-nitrate or nitrogen-ammonium content in aqueous solutions is determined via a combination of digestion/distillation/titration methods.

Anion Analysis

To determine total anion content, Luvak prepares samples for analysis using oxygen bomb calorimeters, peroxide bomb, alkali salt fusion or acid dissolution.

Water extractable anions are determined after leaching the samples in hot deionized water.

Luvak uses the following equipment and references:

  • Ion Chromotography: ASTM D4327 using the Dionex 2010i and Dionex ICS-1000
  • Ion Selective Electrode: ASTM D516, ASTM D1179, ASTM D1246 using the Orion EA940

Luvak also specializes in the determination of common anions such as bromide, chloride, fluoride, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate, nitrite.

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