Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I submit a Request for Quote (RFQ)?

Please complete the Request for Quote form. We will review it and send a final quote to you that will include pricing and turnaround time for the work. Once you accept the quote, please complete a Sample Submission form if you would like to proceed with Luvak testing.

How do I submit a sample?

The fastest and most efficient way to process your order is to complete our Sample Submission Form. A Chain of Custody Form is available should you require it. Please fax your form to +1.508.869.6213 or email us. Please include a copy of your submission form when you mail your sample to us.

Do you have different requirements for Nadcap work?

Yes. For Nadcap-related work, please follow the Nadcap Testing Requirements guidelines.

What kind of sample do you need, and how much?

For gases, we prefer solid samples but we can also analyze powders. We would need 3-5 grams, but in many cases we can analyze smaller samples. Please call us at 508.869.6401 or email us to inquire about low weight sample capabilities. 

Once you receive my order, what is the typical sample turnaround time?

For routine analyses, our response time is within 5 days. Work may be expedited for priority, same day or next day service. An expedite fee would apply.

How do I receive certificates of accreditations and approvals?

Luvak is an ISO/IED 17025 and Nadcap accredited materials testing laboratoryCertificates are available in PDF format for review and printing. If you have questions about certifications, please contact us at 508.869.6401 or email us at

How are the results reported?

An electronic copy of the official report will be emailed or faxed to all recipients for whom contact information has been provided. If requested, a hard copy version will be sent via US mail. 


How do I open an account?

Luvak accepts company purchase orders, MasterCard and Visa. The first PO will usually open an account. All purchasing contact information and appropriate purchase documentation may accompany the samples, or may be submitted to our office via phoneemail or fax. Payment terms are net 30.